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Creating Value from Text

If data is the new oil, why aren’t you drilling for hidden insights?

More than 80% of all new data is produced in an unstructured format. However, no more than 1% of textual data is ever analyzed by businesses. 

How can GILO help your business create value from text?

Our experienced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) specialists understand the nuances of the English language. We pride ourselves in accurately capturing and tagging industry-specific text that is trained for NLP applications.

GILO uses a combination of AI models and rule-based linguistic systems to make sense of textual data. We classify sentences and words, not just documents. Once information is extracted, we visualize textual data.

Finally, we integrate our NLP solutions into the GILO app, our in-house recommendation engine. The GILO app corrects countless grammar mistakes and rephrases sentences for clarity and conciseness. It detects common biases and fallacies. It summarizes long text and much, much more.

GILO can help you make data-driven decisions better, faster, and easier. Discover how our custom solutions can unlock hidden insights in your data.

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GILO-Machine Learning & NLP Specialists
GILO-Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Proposition

Combining State-of-the-Art Technologies

How does GILO differ from the growing number of data science service providers worldwide?

Most of our competitors prefer to classify and analyze text for a select group of industries, especially the medical sector. The classification of electronic health records can be a relatively effortless NLP task because medical terms are highly specific. The brain disorder “Parkison’s disease,” for example, can only be categorized as a medical term.

Conversely, a company’s annual report or 10-K may contain words from business administration, accounting, finance, legal, marketing, HR, supply chain management, ICT, and data science. Depending on the context of a paper, a word may have more than one meaning. “Equity” can be either a financial or sociology term. Similarly, the acronym “IP” is the abbreviation of the words “internet protocol” or “intellectual property.”   

Moreover, our competitors often take a more generic approach when training their machine learning models. They use sources such as Wikipedia, Google News, or the Gothenberg book corpus. GILO uses business reports, academic textbooks, research papers, legal documents, political acts, and treaties, and that’s why our models are more accurate than the competition.

Find out how we can leverage your proprietary data regardless of your industry.

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Produce Logic, Not Garbage

Never Compromising On Quality

No amount of fancy analysis can make up for fundamentally flawed data. Hence the expression 'Garbage in, Garbage out.'

GILO agrees with the above declaration made by Charles Wheelan, the author of Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data. Machine learning and NLP can’t fix imperfect data, but the GILO app, our in-house recommendation engine, can improve your chances of producing logic, not garbage.

If you are a business professional, content provider, or university student, poor-quality writing can negatively impact your reputation. Stop producing sloppy work for your supervisors or clients. 

With the GILO app, add substance to your rough draft and dive deeper into your topic of interest. Gain access to credible evidence to support your claims and get fresh ideas to supplement your arguments. Moreover, present your insights concisely, objectively, and precisely.

If you want to write high-impact papers which are original and compelling, try the GILO app. You’ll be surprised how communicating complex information to your readers can be a very satisfying experience.

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GILO-Produce Logic, Not Garbage
GILO-Solve Complex Problems in Seconds

Solve Complex Problems in Seconds

Research & Writing on Hyperdrive

Spend less hours on complicated tasks such as researching, referencing, and revising.

With a few simple clicks, tap into the power of digital automation and access field-specific content. 

Try the GILO app to find highly-cited, trustworthy source material and correctly reference them. Narrow your study scope and rebuild your flawed arguments. Restructure your content and rephrase sentences to improve readability.

All targeted feedback appears on the taskpane of the GILO app. Pop-up descriptions hover over your text, explaining the problem in-depth with technical explanations and examples.

Whether you want to become a prolific writer or persuade your readers to take action, you'll soon communicate with confidence and ease.

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Strengthening Core Competencies

We are now in the midst of an ever-changing tech world where we are advancing faster than ever before.

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