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GILO can help your business make data-driven decisions better, faster, and easier.

Our experienced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) specialists understand the nuances of the English language. We pride ourselves in accurately capturing and tagging industry-specific text that is trained for NLP applications.

GILO uses a combination of AI models and rule-based linguistic systems to make sense of textual data. We classify sentences and words, not just documents. Once information is extracted, we visualize textual data.

Finally, we integrate our NLP solutions into the GILO app, our in-house recommendation engine. The GILO app corrects countless grammar mistakes and rephrases sentences for clarity and conciseness. It detects common biases and fallacies. It summarizes long text and much, much more.

Reach out to our team for a consultation on how your organization can process and analyze your textual data with NLP and AI.

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GILO-Machine Learning & NLP Specialists


GILO-Maha Golestaneh, PhD

Maha Golestaneh, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Computational Linguist


Maha is a dynamic go-getter with an enviable work ethic. She has a healthy appetite for risk and a high tolerance for the unknown, which shows in her many years of running her own companies. As a serial innovator, she has a great aptitude for R&D, learning new things, and connecting the dots. Maha is the matriarch at GILO. Her eagerness to support and encourage the team to excel is born from her desire to help subscribers of the GILO app create high-quality content.

GILO-Erwin Lubbers, MFM

Erwin Lubbers, MFM

Chief Financial Officer and Senior AI Engineer


Erwin is a serious thinker who can quickly solve any logical puzzle. He revels in building deep learning models that can analyze any text. Erwin is a “no words but deeds” kind of guy. His communication style is crisp and clear. He filters out the frills, preferring content over fluff, and draws you in with his dry sense of humor and lively presentation. His passion for automating and educating makes him one of the most respected NLP specialists in the Netherlands and the hidden force behind GILO.

GILO-Fabian van Schevikhoven, BSc

Fabian van Schevikhoven, BSc

Chief Technology Officer


Fabian is a tech entrepreneur with more than 10 years of expertise in converting business ideas into solutions. He is agile, proactive, and reliable. For his Dutch clients at, he excels in creating online applications, customizing web architecture, integrating frontend and backend, and automating business processes. The GILO engineering team is delighted that Fabian is building the GILO app's frontend and improving the app for maximum usability and performance.

GILO-Vasileios Giannakopoulos, MSc

Vasileios Giannakopoulos, MSc

Chief Information Security and Data Protection Officer

Vasileios is a specialist who has built scalable, available, and secure infrastructure for many demanding clients and megacorps. Not only is he agile with new tech, but Vasileios also believes in learning from others. Since security integration is a keystone in any computing environment, he joined GILO to protect its data and maintain cybersecurity. In addition, this c-suite guarantees the digital privacy of our employees and third-parties and ensures everything remains between the startup and its subscribers.

GILO-Bill Inmon, MSc

Bill Inmon, MSc

Board Advisor, NLP

A leader with a larger-than-life personality, Bill pioneered the technology called textual disambiguation. Also known as the father of data warehousing, Bill is a prolific author whose sixty books on data archiving and analytics have amassed thousands of citations. Aside from running his software company, Forest Rim Technologies, which transforms large volumes of unstructured data into relational databases, Bill is a big asset and knowledge resource at GILO.

GILO-Tanja Ubert, BSc

Tanja Ubert, BSc

Board Advisor, Data Science

Tanja is an accomplished educator and curriculum developer on anything and everything about data warehousing, data analytics, data privacy, and business intelligence. Driven to change the ever-growing field of data science in the Netherlands, Tanja sets a high standard for Dutch developers. An accomplished tech-consultant and phenomenal networker, she is unparalleled in her ability to bring in a tidal wave of tangible and intangible resources to scale up the GILO startup.

GILO-Andrew Brady, BA

Andrew Brady, BA

Board Advisor, Design

Andrew is the genius behind AB Creative, a 3D-animation design boutique. He works around the clock with prominent European and Asian firms as well as startups like GILO. A systems thinker who never rushes the creative process, Andrew always signs off with "step-by-step." He would rather communicate using humorous anecdotes than rush through a brief. The consummate storyteller with a flair for the unusual, Andrew artfully makes emotional connections with other creatives and professionals and, in turn, connects them to the GILO founders.

GILO-Xiang Li

Xiang Li

Junior AI Engineer

Xiang is codeveloping the GILO app's logical and scope functions, mainly improving NLP Language Models BERT, GPT2, and RoBERTa. He will publish his findings with the GILO team.