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GILO offers three pricing plans to suit the needs and preferences of any user.

EditingIf you want to succeed in your studies, try the GILO Freemium plan. 

Once you edit the final draft of your paper, set time aside to polish it. Make use of our research assistant and citation advisor functionalities. Add sourced content, including scholarly definitions, highly-cited seminal works, and quotes of thought leaders. Likewise, remove irrelevant or obsolete citations which may discredit your ideas. Take advantage of our grammar checker functionality and reduce common grammatical mistakes and stylistic errors.

Revising. If you are a researcher or content writer who wants to publish thought-provoking and original articles, buy the GILO Pro plan.

Go beyond basic research guidance and proofreading. Ensure thorough and quality editing and get a summary of your writing issues. What’s more, stop deviating from your area of study and narrow down its scope. Visualize your work with word clouds and tree-graphs. Do not fret that your rough draft has no sense of rhythm and flow. Your paragraphs can be slightly unfocused and your sentences can be somewhat disconnected from each other. Our AI models check for paragraph flow and detect hard-to-read sentences. This way you can restructure disorganized content and add transitions to show links between your ideas.

Creating. If you are an over-achiever, go wild with the GILO Premium plan and dramatically improve your writing skills.

Once you gather primary and secondary sources and interpret some of your research methods and results, it’s time to evaluate your rough draft. Buy the GILO Premium plan and exceed your readers’ expectations by crafting thoughtful and convincing arguments. Our logical fallacy detector uses advanced AI models to uncover logical errors such as oversimplification, quoting out of context, and faulty parallelisms. Our citation formatter uses smart algorithms to detect stylistic issues and inconsistencies in your citations and then suggests how to fix them.

GILO-Choose A Pricing Plan Today

GILO Freemium


  • Advanced terminology functions
  • Advanced research functions
  • Advanced logic functions
  • Advanced autofill functions
  • Web-based version
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$10 / mo

  • Advanced terminology functions
  • Advanced research functions
  • Advanced logic functions
  • Advanced scope functions
  • Elastic search toolbar
  • Web-based version
  • Priority email support
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GILO Premium

$15 / mo

  • Everything in GILO Pro
  • Advanced grammar function
  • Advanced tone function
  • MS Word, MS Outlook, and Chromium versions
  • Advanced security and control
  • Phone support
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