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Company-Specific NLP

GILO offers a variety of custom solutions using advanced NLP techniques and machine learning models. 

  • Information Extraction: We create value from your documents by transforming unstructured text into structured data. Once the keywords of your text are extracted along with their different meanings, they are stored in SQL databases and are accessible for further analysis.
  • Classification: We can classify a document, including its whole text, sentences, and words. Our three-tier taxonomy categorizes according to predefined fields, subfields, and subjects. We can also classify the style of your document, e.g., academic, business, legal, news, and web sources.
  • Text Highlighting: We can color-code your text according to one or more fields so you’ll save time while reading complex documents. For example, the legal, accounting, or marketing text in your annual report will be highlighted in different colors.
  • Text Visualization: We breathe life into documents by generating a custom dashboard for your keywords. The drill-down feature of our treemaps gives you an interactive experience to see your keywords from field to subfield, from subfield to subject. Pie charts help you visualize your keyterms according to the percentage of keywords within each field.
  • Topic Modeling:  We can derive the topic of your paper by classifying its text as a whole or by diving into each sentence and word. You’ll know the top 10 subjects discussed in your document for an in-depth summary.
  • Summarization: We shorten long text by generating a summary paragraph.
  • Sentiment Analysis: We analyze customer feedback, monitor brands and products, and focus on areas for improvement.

Together, these methods create an in-depth view of your documents, so you can search, archive, analyze, and make data-driven decisions – BETTER, FASTER, EASIER.

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