Industry Expertise

NLP Solutions Across Industries

GILO is dedicated to developing custom NLP solutions for companies interested in leveraging their proprietary data.

Translate your raw textual data into meaningful insights to grow your business and gain a competitive edge, especially in crowded industries.

Below are examples of how NLP can transform industries:

• Healthcare & Pharma: Measure the effectiveness of certain treatments.
• Finance & Accounting: Assess credit risks of applicants.
• Banking & Insurance: Detect fraud and abuse.
• Real Estate: Predict housing prices.
• Supply Chain & Logistics: Increase product safety and usability.
• Green & Smart Manufacturing: Improve quality control.
• Wholesale & Retail: Improve customer experience and satisfaction.
• Advertising, Branding & Gaming: Analyze reviews and understand intents.
• Human Resources: Identify job applicant and organizational fit.
• Education & Research: Evaluate enrollment performance.
• Law & Policy: Assess risk of regulations.

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