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NLP Master Classes

We are all living in the age of autonomous digitalization.  Learn how to use NLP techniques and state-of-the-art AI models to secure a job of the future.

This class offers a deep dive into modern NLP and machine learning. It is suited for students and professionals interested in fine-tuning machine learning predictive models involving written language.

Requirements: Basic Programming Experience with Python and Basic Relational Database Experience with SQL

  • Introduction to NLP: Learn text processing fundamentals, including part-of-speech tagging and word vectors.
  • Keyword Extraction & Named Entity Recognition: Find words and phrases in text using user-defined rules.
  • Taxonomies & Ontologies: Classify entities according to a simple structure (i.e., taxonomy) or complex structure (i.e., ontology).
  • Text Mining & Analytics: After transforming unstructured text into structured data, store, analyze and present it as visual aids.
  • Text Classification: Learn how to create dense pre-trained word embeddings and use attention-based deep learning models.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Explore modern methods to identify people's opinions, attitudes, and sentiments.
  • Semantic Search: Build a search engine that focuses on the meaning behind queries instead of the traditional keyword matching.

Onsite and online training available in English or Dutch
Class duration: 8 hours

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